Tandem paragliding over Bovec

It is a crazy experience where you can feel a unique and exciting feeling of flying and sharing the sky with birds.

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Tandem paragliding

It is a crazy experience where you can feel a unique and exciting feeling of flying and sharing the sky with birds.

If you are an adrenaline enthusiast and would like to see the Soca valley from a bird’s eye view, we offer tandem paragliding flights. You will sail in the company of experienced pilots, who feel better in the air than on the ground, since organize flights since 1989. You can take a camera with you so that the experience will remain in your memory for a long time.

Depending on the conditions in the air we take off from different take-offs:

  • Mangart, Planja above Bovec, Kanin above Bovec, Stol above Breginj, Kuk above Kobarid, Mrzli vrh above Kobarid, Kobala above Tolmin, Lijak near Nova Gorica.


Duration time

Time in the air




2h 30min – 3h 30min

20min – 30min

30min - 60min

by agreement


High and low season: 190€



We gather in our office in the centre of Bovec. There you will complete all the formalities. Than your will meet your pilot.

After you will take a ride with the car or a gondola to the takeoff on Kanin or Mangart, where you get all the gear you need. Your pilot will set up all of the equipment, give you instructions and you are ready to go!

When it comes to tandem paragliding, safety always comes first. All of our pilots are locals with years of experience and A LOT of love for paragliding. You will feel safe under their watch. 


Paragliding is highly dependent on the weather, so we cannot predict the exact airtime, but if the weather permits, you can stay in the air as long as possible.



We have the privilege to fly and do tandem paragliding in Bovec, Slovenia over a breathtaking valley formed by the emerald Soča river. The valley is located close to the Adriatic sea and is surrounded by the magnificent peaks of Julian Alps. This combination of warm climate and high mountains gave birth to unique and wonderful landscapes that you will enjoy when flying over it.

We mostly fly from:

Takeoff KANIN: our takeoff is located right on the ski slopes, so we will take a panoramic ride with the gondola to get to the top. Landing is located on the eastern edge of Bovec valley.

Takeoff MANGART SADDLE: Our launch is located on top of Slovenian highest mountain road - on Mangart saddle. Our flight ends in a beautiful mountain village - Log pod Mangartom.

WATCH HERE some highlits from paragliding flight over Soca valley.