Other offer

Since the amount of entertainment is never enough we offer you some other activities.

Zipline descent

For those who want an additional measure of adrenaline in Soca valley we can provide a bold descend cable with a unique view of Bovec and the surrounding villages and hills. As you step on the platform, you will be 200 meters above the ground and full of adrenaline. Quickly you will start to slide to the other side at a speed between 50 and 60 km/h. You won’t experience this feeling only once but five times. You can choose ziplining overlooking city of Bovec or going through Učja canyon.



Duration time

Time in the air


2h 30min – 3h 30min

1h 30min – 2h 30min

10.00, 13.00, 17.00


Cycling around Soča valley

If you have the desire to spend time in Bovec and its surroundings alone we can rent you bicycles. This way you will be able to explore all the beauties of our valley. You can drive to the Virje or Boka waterfall, see the large and small Soca gorges. For those who are more persevering, we recommend that you drive to Kobarid or even Tolmin and to observe the beauty of these exceptional places. For the most persevering, we recommend the ascent to the Vrsic pass or rise along the highest Slovenian rode under the mighty Mt. Mangart. A special adventure is also if you climb with a cable car to resort Kanin and then you drive down with a bicycle.


Equipment rental

Soca river offer quite some hidden spaces which you can visit alone by renting our equipment, which you need to go on the river. This way you will spice up the day according to your wishes, as you will be able to stop by the river and relax on the river dunes or jump from the rocks to the pools. For those more skilled, we offer a kayak rental for rest a mini raft for up to 3 people.