How to reach us?

Our office is located in the strict center of Bovec, opposite of the Kavarna. You can leave your vehicle a minute away on a free parking lot in Bovec, next to Mercator and the Cultural house.

If you come to Bovec with a personal vehicle from Ljubljana, you can reach Bovec through Italy and the Predel pass or via the Vrsic pass. You can also reach us via Nova Gorica along Tolmin and Kobarid, or also through more curvy way through Idrija.


Distances from nearby major places to Bovec:
Ljubljana 132 km Cca. 2h
Tolmin 37 km Cca. 40min
Nova Gorica 72 km Cca. 1h 15min
Postojna 131 km Cca. 2h
Portoroz 174 km Cca. 2h 30min
Kranjska Gora 47 km Ccaa. 50min
Udine 65 km Cca. 1h 15min
Tarvisio 25 km Cca. 40min
Trieste 114 km Cca. 2h 15min


Nearest airports:
Jozeta Pucnik airport - Ljubljana 112 km Cca. 1h 50min
Klagenfurt 100 km Cca. 1h 15min
Trevisio 190 km Cca. 2h 30min
Venice Marco Polo 180 km Cca. 2h 10min
Ronchi dei Legionari - Trieste 84 km Cca. 1h 40min
Zagreb 280 km Cca. 3h 30min


Nearest railway stations:
Most na Soci 44 km Cca. 45min
Tarvisio Boscoverde 31 km Cca. 35min
Udine 65 km Cca. 1h 15min
Villach 60 km Cca. 1h
Jesenice 70km Cca. 1h 10min


Trg golobarskih žrtev 20
5230 Bovec, Slovenija

tel: 00386 (0)5 389 63 50
fax: 00386 (0)5 389 63 51
gsm: 00386 (0)41 635 893