Watching the animals

In our surroundings live a wide variety of wild animals, which we rarely get the opportunity to see.

The majority we have seen on the television or on advertising posters. We give you the possibility of a photo-hunt of all the protected and unprotected animal species whose natural habitat is in the Julian Alps.

The sightings in each season are different. We recommend visiting the breeding ground of the wild heat cock (grouse), listening to the wild cock, inviting the wild dear with whistles, visiting the secretive marmot, walking in the chamois steps, visiting the ibex's kingdom.



We recommend the exploration of the underground world with our guide.

We will take you to the caves:
Mala Boka

We also provide the necessary equipment for caving: proper caving attire, a headlamp and helmet.


Are you bound for Bovec and want to spend some more time in our beautiful valley? We will help you to find and book a stay in an apartment, hotel, camp, etc.

Guided tours into the mountains

Our experienced guides will safely take you to easier or more demanding footpaths or mountain paths in the Julian Alps from where magnificent views all the way to the heart of the European Alps will unveil to you.

If you are tempted to go mountain biking, you can rent a mountain bike and equipment, take a guide and start your biking adventure.

Parachute jump from an airplane

Do you want to observe the Bovec Valley from a height of 4000m?!

We can make it true for you by offering tandem jumps from airplane in July and August. All you need is a little time, courage and an experienced guide who you can trust.

Photo gallery